Earlier in the month, on a Sunday morning, as I was coming out of Rite-Aid on my way to church, a woman followed me out and said, “Excuse me! Are you a priest?” “Yes,” I said. “I’m an Episcopal priest,” which still sounds strange to my ears. When I say it, I look over my shoulder to see who the heck said that and then I realize, again, that it’s me. Yes, I’m an Episcopal priest. She looked at me, her smile made her face glow, and said, “I’ve never met a woman priest. I’m Catholic. You’re beautiful, so graceful. Keep doing what your doing. God bless you!”

I’m an Episcopal priest, but really I’m God’s priest, working in the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement, trying to be the love of Christ in the world. We have no idea how even walking around the world, we might make an impact or impression on someone’s life.

— October 28, 2018