black-lives-matterIf you’re lucky these people show up in your life at exactly the right time. But you have to be extremely, extremely lucky because these humans are extremely, extremely rare. They are the ones that survived the craziest shit and came out the other side exquisitely aware, compassionate and open. Their heart beats with an empathic rhythm seen only in a rare few. What was wounded and broken in them became their motivation to heal others. They are gentle, kind and giving. They see what most of us don’t and they are able to communicate it in such a way that breaks our hearts open so we can see too. This is by one of those people:

We’ve become inured; so used to this idea that people (and especially people of color) involved in police contact may end up dying during the interaction. We accept it as the way things are. We accept that the onus is on the individual to NOT provoke, to KNOW all the rules, to have the PRESENCE of mind and WELLNESS of being to think, act and speak clearly and safely. That in the absence of this ability, or conversely in the presence of mental illness, intoxication, or Melanin, your life may legally be removed from you. 

That the movements you make, or the words you use, may justify your killing (and yes, that includes the holding of knives or fire extinguishers, cell phones or vapes, and the inability to realize what’s happening to you, where you are; your surroundings, and to follow snap commands and orders in that moment). That in the middle of your own mental decompensation or life crisis, your inability to act, think and speak properly may mean that you can literally and legally be put to death.

This is not a way of policing and being that we can accept any longer. If our systems and our forces lack the appropriate mental health training and/or interventional techniques to mitigate and minimize the situations that we acknowledge arise on a daily basis, so that their only recourse is life taking force, then we must look to other ways of response and policing.

#blacklivesmatterpasadena. We cannot afford to accept anything less, anymore. All lives matter fucks need not respond.

Shawn Morrissey

— October 1, 2016

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