I don’t expect living from love to be easy. I expect that it’s necessary, mandatory and without exception. To love. Love God, love my neighbor, love myself. Love my enemies. Love the earth, the Republicans, the perpetrators, the murderers, the victims. Palestinians and Zionists, women in Burkas and the radicals that demand they wear them. Those Americans so terrified of losing the rest of the very little bit they are holding onto with dear life and all the people they hate because they are force fed lies about there not being enough. The liars. White men, people of color, men in power, the working poor, the immigrant, the refugee, the people in power who create conditions that create the working poor, the immigrant, the refugee. The drug addict, the heroin dealer, Big Pharma and the doctors who write the first prescription for oxy. Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Everyone. Necessary, mandatory, without exception. Jesus never said, “Love your enemy, except that guy. Fuck that guy.” This second week of Advent, love. Do that. Live that. Believe that. Just that. Just for today.

— December 12, 2017